Just a couple of honest, hard working souls. That’s all it takes to develop a strong strategy. To team up with businesses to create meaningful digital experiences, or to introduce a product in a way that stuns. Little Cottonwood Creative is a web design studio that works with large, complex organizations to tackle creative problems, small startups with big ideas, and everyone in between.

little COTTONWOOD creative

court J. cano

owner / creative / designer

To begin with, Court is a family man. He has an eight year old son, a wife, and as of the writing of this description a 3 month old son (everyone is likely older now)… He has been a digital marketing manager and a junior front-end developer, and has been working in the tech industry for over 8 years.

Court enjoys spending time with his family, his two sons Jules and Jackson, and his wife Emily. Court also enjoys cooking for his family and friends, whether it’s smoking a brisket or searing tuna steaks, Court has always enjoyed sharing things with his family and friends, whether it’s food or friendly banter. Court is a good, down to earth human, who genuinely and legitimately wants to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

eric G. voldness

owner / strategist / developer

     Eric was born and raised in Logan, Utah and has been living in the Salt Lake valley for the last year while working at the University of Utah as a systems administrator. Eric has been working in tech for last 8 years, beginning at Utah State University then moving to Weber State University and ultimately ending up at the University of Utah where he is currently employed. Eric enjoys spending time fishing, camping, biking, and skiing.

     “I have always loved going fishing, specifically fly fishing, but really any kind. Ice fishing, trolling on a lake, surf fishing, jigging for halibut or lake trout. Anything that will get me out on the water I’ll enjoy. It’s always been an escape for me and something that I’ve been able to share with family and friends. It’s beautiful and relaxing and something that I wouldn’t ever want to be without.”



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