The Brief


Court Cano – Creative Director and Web Designer here at Little Cottonwood Creative currently works full-time as the Digital Marketing Manager at SwipeClock. The role of the SwipeClock partner marketing team is to help SwipeClock partners find, market to and support their customers.

The SwipeClock partner marketing team provides three general levels of marketing support and the partners decide what works best for them. The options include just core content up to full-service site and campaign management.

DATE: October 2016 – Present

PROJECT: Custom WordPress Partner Marketing Portal Design & Creation

CATEGORY: Web Design, WordPress Mgmt, Multi-site, Graphic Design, Branding

The Strategy


Create a SwipeClock partner portal where all partners have access to SwipeClock content including product literature, white papers, calculators, web content and more. The partners can use this content on their own to bolster current marketing activities or let the marketing team do it for them. All the SwipeClock collateral – in one convenient place.

A major piece of this project was building the SwipeClock collateral library. The library is designed similar to an online store. All of the content is made available for free download with an option to submit each piece of content for customized branding. (re-work) which is submitted for the creation of custom branded content.







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